Whether you’ve cruised by while boating, overlooked the bay from Little Whiteface, swam races at Camp Woodsmoke, or made a trip out on a warm, summer night to stargaze, you know how special this place is. The panoramic view of Whiteface Mountain and McKenzie Mountain Wilderness makes Echo Bay one of the most prized spots on Lake Placid lake to escape the stress of daily live and truly connect with nature.

Today more than ever, it is critical we save important refuges like this from further development, but your help is necessary to do so.

Echo Bay is at risk. The most remote, privately owned land on Lake Placid, formerly home of Camp Woodsmoke, a popular children’s camp, is for sale. Along the property’s shoreline are several structures in varying states of disrepair, as well as an extensive steel caisson foundation that carries an approved APA/DEC renewable permit to construct 7,000+ square foot, 13 slip boathouse. If constructed, this boathouse would be the last of its size to be built in the entire Adirondack Park due to current zoning regulations. Most notably, the structure will forever change the wild character of the lake we treasure, negatively impact Lake Placid’s fragile shoreline, and obstruct the views of Whiteface Mountain and Echo Bay we all love.

The stakes are high. The 10.24-acre property on Echo Bay occupies 1,296 feet of shoreline and features Falls Brook, which flows for 1,000 feet into Lake Placid. Both Lake Placid and the brook provide drinking water for area residents and visitors, making its protection critical for the community. Lake Placid is also prized fishery in the area supporting lake and brook trout, among others. Due to its relatively untouched nature, Falls Brook and its nearby wetland provides a crucial spawning habitat for brook trout and supports other wildlife. In fact, the property proudly bears Audubon’s designation as an Important Bird Area due to its abundant water resources and robust forest habitat. Being one of six tributaries entering Lake Placid from the west shore, Falls Brook serves an important ecological function for Lake Placid, and its permanent protection is critical.

We have a plan. With your help, we will raise $6 million dollars by December 15th, 2020, to protect Echo Bay as “forever wild.” When this land is saved, our goal is for it to become part of the Forest Preserve to which it is adjacent. Doing so will only expand and strengthen the local ecosystem and preserve the stunning scenic value of the Adirondacks for all to enjoy in perpetuity.

To date, we have raised over $1.5 million dollars from our friends and neighbors like you who care about land conservation. Support from our friends and members allows us to make time-sensitive purchases on strategically located land before it’s lost forever to development. Will you help us reach our goal of $4.5 million? Join us as a lead donor!

Preserving the land and the memories. The Echo Bay project site was the long-time home for beloved Camp Woodsmoke, a summer camp for girls and boys aged 7-16 that operated from the 1960s through 2010. Many a child grew their connection to the Adirondacks and Lake Placid while spending warm, summer days sailing, canoeing, swimming, and building life-long friendships while exploring and growing on Echo Bay. This land means a lot to us as a conservation organization because of its resources and views, but to our community, protecting it from development also means preserving the priceless memories spent on Lake Placid during much simpler times.

Check out this great video made by our friend Kenneth Knowles as he shares his family’s story of Echo Bay and Lake Placid.



Don’t take our word for it. These renderings share how the beautiful Echo Bay viewshed will be impacted by the approved boathouse if the land is not protected.