Why I Love Placid Lake

By Georgia Jones, LPLC Board of Directors

These are scientific facts: 97.5% of all the water on earth is salt, 2.75% is fresh water. Less than 1% of that can be used as drinking water. Placid Lake is classified AA Special and therefore may be used as drinking water. Good reason for the most stringent protection.

The reasons for my passionate love of Placid Lake are personal. Seven generations of my family have spent part of every summer since 1894 at our camp on the Lake. We’ve rowed, paddled, water skied, sailed, swum, and hiked the surrounding shores and mountains. Age old friendships have been rekindled there. Loons have called to us, eagles have flown past, owls, turkeys, and deer, have walked by the house. We’ve watched birches green in the spring and the leaves fall like golden coins in the fall. The smell of pines along Pulpit Rock and wet moss under our feet are part of our lives. My doctor grandmother said Placid Lake had healing waters, my mother said it was a place in her heart, my children have said it was their spiritual home, my grandchildren cherish it.

For me, it is all those things and more.