The East Branch of the Ausable River Basin Communities focus area includes communities along the East Branch of the Ausable River. This area includes Jay, Upper Jay, Keene, Keene Valley, and portions of Wilmington and Au Sable Forks.  Lake Placid Land Conservancy holds one conservation easement within this focus area.

2_Base Map_FocusEBA_PPTBase Map

This base map shows the basics of relief, land and water characteristics, and parcel locations of properties under 49 acres m and properties greater than 50 acres b in size within the East Branch of the Ausable River Basin Communities focus area (EBA). This map also shows the political distinctions among state and private land.

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3_EBA Agricultural_PPT

Working Landscape

This map depicts Prime Farmland c and Farmland of State Importance d.

e denotes land with cover crop management and f denotes properties enrolled in 480-A for forestry management.

Mines and quarries are g.





4a_EBA Ecological_LW_PPT

Land and Water

This map depicts the attributes of land and water critical for ecological integrity.

h areas denote the
Matrix Forest (selected by The Nature Conservancy as the most viable examples of the dominant forest communities in the state).

i denotes elevation above 2,500 feet. Lakes and wetlands are in the two shades of blue.




4b_EBA Ecological_HAB_PPTHabitat

This map depicts the important habitats critical for ecological integrity.

j areas signify regions that comprise at least one modeled rare or endangered species distributions. These were obtained from the New York Natural Heritage Program.

k areas denote special Natural Heritage Communities.





This map shows the areas of land viewable from at least one vantage point along a state road.

If an area is shaded l, that means the tops of the trees are viewable from at least one point on a road at car elevation at full