LPLC recently developed a geo-referenced, Geographic Information System (GIS) database to identify relevant conservation values of specific parcels within its four focus areas. LPLC is highlighting conservation values of specific parcels to engage interested landowners and assist them with developing conservation goals for their properties.

While most of the High Peaks in the Adirondack Park are permanently protected as Forest Preserve, the majority of lowland forests surrounding the High Peaks are still under private ownership. Lowland forest communities of the Ausable and Saranac river valleys contain some of region’s greatest biodiversity but are also subject to the greatest development pressure.

As part of its mapping initiative, LPLC identified four focus areas in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks, each of which represents distinct landscape scale conservation initiatives characterized primarily by lowland forest communities and river valleys that have significant concentrations of private land (totaling almost 100,000 acres).

6_Base Map_AllFocus_PPT

The map above depicts private lands (in orange) surrounding the High Peaks.  The Ausable and Saranac River watersheds are outlined in red. LPLC will concentrate its inital conservation efforts in four focus areas ( outlined by dash marks).

1_Base Map_AllFocus_parcels_PPT

The map above shows private lands (in orange) by tax parcel for three focus areas. Mapping revealed that lowland forest communities in the High Peaks region are highly parcelized and have the potential to further fragment the lowland forest landscape.

Detailed maps for each focus area are available on the menu on the left of this page.