Keeping Track

We are so happy to announce we received funding through the North Elba Local Enhancement and Advancement Fund (LEAF) to expand our Conservation Monitoring program. LEAF prioritizes funding for programs, activities, and facilities that will have direct benefits to local communities and improve the quality of place for both residents and visitors of North Elba.

LEAF funding allows us to purchase and install 8-10 additional cameras, tripling our fleet and expanding our opportunity to better understand how wildlife are moving through and using private lands in our bustling community. We’ve already begun expansion of the program by setting up a new trail camera, pictured above, last week on a beautiful property off Route 73.

We have documented 120 species of wildlife across 10 locations throughout the Ausable River Valley since we started the Conservation Monitoring Program in 2017. Curious to see the photos and videos we’ve captured? Then check out our StoryMap which features dozens of our best photos and videos captured through the program.

Do you have lots of wildlife in your backyard? Would you like to participate in our program? Please reach out to us! We are looking for more landowners, particularly in North Elba, to participate. Just send us an email at

Stay tuned in the coming months for new trail camera videos and photos. We can’t wait to share what we find!