LPLC Receives $26,000 Grant for Public Access Improvements at Three Sisters Preserve in Wilmington

Summer is fast approaching, Lake Placid Land Conservancy is continuing its conservation efforts, and you can take advantage of both! The Conservancy received a $26,000 grant from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Land Trust Alliance through the New York State Conservation Partnership Program that creates improvements to our Three Sisters Preserve in Wilmington, including the development of a management plan.

LPLC acquired land for the preserve thanks to a grant from the Open Space Institute, land donation from Wilmington resident Scott Avery, and a generous $25,000 gift from an anonymous donor.

The Barkeater Trails Alliance partners with LPLC to maintain the 1.5-mile trail. This trail connects the Town of Wilmington to Hardy Road and the Beaver Brook Tract mountain biking trail system. Whether you are going for a light walk or looking for a mountain bike workout, you can enjoy this beautiful area. You might even see a fisher!

The Preserve includes a rare sandy pine forest habitat and is home to a variety of wildlife. LPLC has trail cams set up, which have caught these amazing animals on video. If conservation interests you, we hope you’ll consider joining our Citizen Science Monitoring Program. This program can help you learn more about the plants and animals in your backyard and may help scientists and LPLC learn more about areas in need of conservation. You can reach out to Kerry Crowingshield, LPLC’s Outreach Coordinator, if you would like to get involved at 518-837-5177.

This new grant allows LPLC to ensure that recreation and conservation values will continue to flourish together. It will also allow for improvements to make the preserve more accessible. We hope to see you out on the trails!

Black Bear Markings, Three Sisters Preserve

Black Bear Markings, Three Sisters Preserve


Trail Day, Three Sisters Preserve

Trail Day at Three Sisters Preserve