Social media and community conservation
Social media connects people with people and allows them to share ideas and information about some of society’s most pressing issues, including raising awareness and galvanizing support for conservation. We recently upgraded our website and social media platforms to enhance our outreach efforts and to share information and ideas about conservation in communities throughout the High Peak’s region of the Adirondacks. Please visit our new website at: and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @ConserveLandADK.
Social media is also a great platform for telling stories. This summer, LPLC will be hosting a series of community conservation workshops to discuss conservation and stewardship on private lands in the Adirondacks and will be sharing information and stories from these workshops though social media.
To learn more about this summer’s community conservation workshops click here. To participate or learn more about the dates and locations of our community conservation workshops, click here.


We hope you will be able to join us this summer and share in these stories of conservation!

Lake Placid Land Conservancy 
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