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Eventbrite - The Art of Tracking Large Carnivores


Join Mikael Cejtin, LPLC’s Conservation Program Associate, as he shares his experiences tracking large carnivores in South America, Mongolia, and the American Northeast and West. Tracking elusive species like bobcat and wolves in the wild is not for the faint of heart. Mikael will discuss his approach to learning more about these animals and share his thoughts about how the landscape helps direct their movement. These concepts will then be discussed within the context of the Adirondack Park.

One approach to monitoring wildlife involves enlisting local landowners to both document and report activities on their property. This method, often referred to as citizen science or crowd-sourced data collection, has become increasingly popular as a way to engage community members with local environmental research. Though less rigorous than traditional scientific efforts, citizen science still provides important information about wildlife, such as presence/absence data and behavior, which can supplement larger research efforts. The Lake Placid Land Conservancy developed a Citizen Science Monitoring Program in 2017 and we are currently recruiting landowners to join in our efforts. Kerry Crowningshield, LPLC’s Outreach Coordinator, will briefly discuss the program and how to participate.


This event is free to attend. Please bring your friends!