Take a minute for conservation with Lake Placid Land Conservancy

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Have you ever wanted to know more about your back yard? Maybe you always thought it would be interesting to do research, but never had the time or expertise. If you can relate, then our Conservation Monitoring Program is for you! We wanted to take this opportunity to give you an overview of the program and invite you to join. The best part – it’s simple, fun, and completely free!

LPLC started the Conservation Monitoring Program in response to our communities’ needs. We recognize that not everyone is in the position to donate land or establish a conservation easement, but we also know you value the Adirondacks and want to protect this beautiful park. The Conservation Monitoring Program invites you to get to know your property by monitoring the animals and plants in your surroundings. In addition, we provide suggestions for habitat improvements with your conservation goals in mind. The end product is a great partnership between you, LPLC, and the community that informs the ecology of private lands and supports conservation efforts in the region.

IMG_0872After enrolling in our Conservation Monitoring Program, we will conduct a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) assessment of your property to determine its ecological features. We utilize research from The Nature Conservancy, New York Natural Heritage Program, NY DEC, and others to discover the types of plant and animal life your property can support. We will then visit your property to ground truth the GIS data we analyzed. We will also talk with you about your conservation goals, including the species you want to prioritize and improvements you wish to make for your property. We will provide conservation suggestions in light of these goals. Next, we will establish a monitoring route and help you set up an iNaturalist account, a simple app that allows you to take photos of your species observations and add them to our project collection.

A monitoring route is a path on your property that you follow regularly, such as once a week, or once every other week. While walking this route, you will look for pollinators, birds, mammals, invasive species, or all of the above depending on your interests and LPLC recommendations. Anytime you see one of your target species, you simply snap a picture and upload it to iNaturalist. If your property supports additional monitoring efforts, such as hosting a trail camera or adding a bluebird house, we will then install these resources.

Over time you will learn more about your property, supply data to us and scientists worldwide, and be part of a larger effort that monitors environmental change.  There aren’t enough scientists or resources to monitor effectively, and that’s why we need you! Click here to get involved!