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Intervale Lowlands Conservation Easement

Posted: November 06, 2014

West Branch  Ausable River, Intervale Lowlands Conservation EasementWest Branch  Ausable River, Intervale Lowlands Conservation EasementSentinel Range as viewed  from Intervale Lowlands Conservation Easement

Larry and Nancy Master of Lake Placid permanently protected their 133-acre Intervale Lowlands property along the West Branch of the Ausable River in Lake Placid in December 2011. By conveying a conservation easement to the Lake Placid Land Conservancy, the Masters ensured that land along one mile of the West Branch of the Ausable River will remain undeveloped in perpetuity.

Both Larry and Nancy have long-standing ties within the Lake Placid community, and Larry worked 27 years as a conservation biologist/zoologist for The Nature Conservancy and for NatureServe. “We know from scientific studies conducted by the Wildlife Conservation...

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Lake Trout at Risk

Posted: April 22, 2015

State biologists Rob Fiorentino, left, and Jim Pinheiro inspect a lake trout on Lake Placid for signs of age after weighing and measuring it during a 2013 survey. Photo by Mike Lynch

Article by Mike Lynch

March / April 2015 Adirondack Explorer

In one traditional method of lake-trout fishing, an angler holds in his or her hand a weighted line while trolling from a boat. To collect the line, the angler uses a jerry-rigged Victrola record player with a spool in the middle.

“As they pulled in the line, they turned on their [hand-cranked] Victrola,” said Joe Hackett, a fishing guide from Ray Brook. “Lake-trout fishing is so specialized. That’s something you learn from your father, or uncle, or grandfather.”

While fishermen still use...

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Lake Placid Land Conservancy

Why I Love Placid Lake

Why I Love Placid Lake
Georgia Jones, LPLC Board of Directors
Posted: November 05, 2014

These are scientific facts: 97.5% of all the water on earth is salt, 2.75% is fresh water. Less than 1% of that can be used as drinking water. Placid Lake is classified AA Special and therefore may be used as drinking water. Good reason for the most stringent protection.The reasons for my...

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